An intersection of paths. A series of life coincidences. The proof that every being is exactly where it is supposed to be. This is Still Life, an original music project, based in Barcelona. 
Still Life was born as a violin solo project (2017), during a week of isolation at home due to João being ill. It became a duo when João met Margherita as a result of one of life's coincidences. They met in the city of Porto (Portugal), in “Rua da Alegria (“Happiness Street”). This was the moment when Still Life’s music started to have a vocalist and lyrics.
The name of this project comes from the “still life” we use in our music: pc, pedals, cables, effects, loops. João records the music background using a loop station, which gradually enriches it with effects and sounds, creating a magnetic and enveloping atmosphere, where simple melodies with pure meanings and emotions come to life.
In January 2018 Margherita moved to Barcelona and they started to work together regularly. Everything has flowed so naturally that in June of the same year they released the first album (“Still Life”), and in the beginning of 2019 the second album (“Dream Machine”) came out.
With the lyrics connected to nature and primordial emotions, our goal is to share a message of hope, literally enclosed in the expression “Still Life”.

Upcoming Events
Still Life- Gala Acustic
Still Life - Can Simon
Can Simon
Still Life +Strings - Jamboree Barcelona
Still Life - La Iguana (Fusion Party)
La iguana




"E così unendo l’elettronica agli strumenti musicali è nato un disco di sogno che trasforma la nostalgia nel sorriso di un giorno di sole."



"Still Life is a ‘flexible’ and very creative group that can record two albums in a year. Their influences and their ‘secret ingredient’ in creations make them stand out from other groups and give them the chance to gain reputation."



"João Silva, violinista português e Margherita Abita, cantora italiana, são os Still Life. Nascem em Barcelona com os seus primeiros temas a surgir no fim do ano de 2017. Em junho do ano seguinte decidem lançar o seu primeiro álbum com o nome do próprio grupo – “Still Life”. A Scratch Magazine conversou com a dupla."



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